Jailbase.com Mugshot Removal

Get Rid of A Jailbase.com Mugshot

An arrest can have a damaging effect on your reputation. The potential damages are further compounded when your mugshot and details of the arrest are made publicly available online. If you’re reading this article you probably already know what a serious affect websites like Jailbase.com can have on your life. Budding careers, personal prospects and even your whole financial outlook can change within days of this information being made available online.

Remove Jailbase RecordIn this age of the internet and powerful search engines people have easy access to the information that they need. There is no doubt that people frequently perform searches on Google for people that they meet and/or know. This is even more likely when they have to form some sort of relationship with those people, be it personal, financial or work related. Because of sites like Jailbase.com, that access public arrest records and post this information on the internet, these searches are commonly turning up people arrest information and booking photos.


They are not doing this illegally, far from it in fact. The Freedom of Information Act makes mug shots and arrest records readily available to the public. Jailbase just makes these records a lot easier for the public to discover. Someone searching for your name on the internet might easily stumble upon your arrest history just by browsing the results generated by Google.

The worst part is that your mugshot might end up appearing right alongside your name on Google now that search results include images associated with the term being searched for. While it might seem like Jailbase is going to a whole lot of trouble just to provide the public with easy access to people’s arrest information they do stand to gain a lot. The site owner earns an income through pay per click ads (Google Adsense) displayed prominently on just about every page of the site.

Getting Rid Of Your Record on Jailbase

Remove Arrest Record

How do you get rid of your record on Jailbase.com? Just so you know Jailbase does not need your permission to post this information online, for, as mentioned above, they are not violating any laws by doing so. The good news is that they do have a policy to remove arrest records which can clear mugshots from searches in six months after the initial posting. So one day your records will disappear from Jailbase.com.  A lot can happen in six months thoug,h and during that time a lot of people can come across this embarrassing information if they search for your name.

Another important consideration is that Jailbase has no authority over what Google displays in its search results, so even after your records are removed from the site, it could still show up in the search engines. With internet archive services your records could be around for years after the arrest.

If waiting around and leaving your reputation to chance is not something that you want to do then you might need to enlist the services of a a reputation management firm that has has the ability to stop Jailbase records from appearing in the search engines.

Reputation management companies work to set up campaigns to have the records and mugshots pushed down further in the search results. With your listing appearing in on pages 10 and further in the results the chances that someone will come across your records are really slim. Of course the faster you act the better your outcome will be.

Can You Remove The Record Yourself For Free?

Reputation management companies charge a small fee to remove the mugshot and the listing. While there are some sites that remove the record if the case is dismissed, Jailbase does not. Though your arrests might be easy to locate online, they definitely will not be easy to remove and could be downright impossible if you do not have assistance.

One major strategy used by reputation management companies is to publish a lot of positive content on consistent basis so that this published content pushes the negative content further down in the search results.

If you’re willing to go this route then you can do so by all means, but with the amount of time that you’ll need to invest to “manipulate” the search results you might be better off just paying a small fee to get assistance.